We're Building a Future with Fewer Guns

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How We Get it Done.

Dismantle the Gun Industry

We’re fighting to end the American tradition of Second Amendment exceptionalism that shields the gun industry from oversight. It’s time to rethink the shameful business of gun violence. No industry should be allowed, let alone encouraged, to profit from American deaths.

American Express, Visa, Mastercard move ahead with code to track gun store purchases in California

Reclaim the Culture

Gun violence is not normal and it's absolutely not inevitable, despite what the gun industry would have us believe. We’re taking back the culture, dispelling the myth that guns protect us, and making our communities free and secure.

We are choosing guns over our children – it doesn’t have to be this way

Deter Gun Crime

Mass shootings, gun trafficking, and other gun crimes are preventable tragedies. Guns Down America is pursuing alternatives to legislation and finding unique avenues to proactively stop gun violence.

A New Bid to Crack the Code on Gun Violence