Shameful: Elon Musk Again Irresponsibly Parrots Disinformation About Allen Texas Mass Shooter in Cable News Interview

May 18, 2023

Musk Says “So Be It” if Conspiracy Theories about Texas Shooter Result in Twitter Losing Money

WASHINGTON, DC – Guns Down America released the following statement after Elon Musk defended spewing conspiracy theories on Twitter and spreading misinformation about the Texas mass shooter during an interview with CNBC.

“Media outlets have made clear repeatedly that the shooter at the Allen Texas shopping mall was a white supremacist and for Elon Musk to suggest anything otherwise is reprehensible,” said Shannon Grady, interim executive director of Guns Down America. “Elon Musk has made clear that he is comfortable losing money as a consequence for spreading disinformation on Twitter. Advertisers should think carefully about their willingness to spend money on a platform whose leadership refuses to acknowledge the plain facts about white supremacy and gun violence in our country.”