The Deadliest Places to Grocery Shop in America

Between January 1, 2020 and March 20, 2024, there were 702 incidents of gun violence in America's largest grocery store chains, based on our analysis of data from Gun Violence Archive. These incidents remind Americans across the country that we put our lives in danger any time we go out to buy food.

We're calling on the nation's leading supermarket chains to do their part to help build a future with fewer guns and safer communities. Add your name to our petition to demand action from these powerful corporations.


Our analysis of Gun Violence Archive data for the period between January 1, 2020 and March 20, 2024 found that there were 702 incidents of gun violence at twelve of the nation's largest grocery store chains – which resulted in 170 deaths and 434 injuries. This grim reality threatens the lives of Americans every single time they go out to buy food, and imperils the employees who serve their communities every single day.

You can see the full store-by-store breakdown of the data in this document, or in the social media graphic at the bottom of this page.


These corporations have tremendous market leverage and clout. Given our nation’s incredibly loose and permissive gun laws, we are asking these companies to do everything they can to protect their customers, employees, and the communities they serve each and every day. Here are the three specific actions they all could take:

  • Invest in the communities they serve by funding evidence-based community violence intervention programs and gun buybacks to help get guns off the street.
  • Stop making political contributions to lawmakers who receive donations from the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, as these officials are putting us all in harm by refusing to even consider legislation that would make firearms harder to get.
  • Use their D.C. clout and leverage to lobby lawmakers to pass stronger gun laws by making a business case for gun violence prevention.

Given the size and influence of these corporations, these actions will send a ripple effect through our political system and help push our elected officials to break the gridlock and actually advance policies and investments that will help keep us safe.

Help us share this data and our call to actions with the graphic below, and encourage your friends and family to add their name to our petition.

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