What We Didn’t Hear Today from President Biden on Gun Violence

February 3, 2022

Washington, D.C. -- Guns Down America Executive Director Igor Volsky released the following statement about President Joe Biden’s trip to New York City to discuss gun violence with New York Mayor Eric Adams.

“As a candidate, Joe Biden promised to prioritize gun violence prevention. As President, Joe Biden has failed to do everything and anything in his power to reduce gun deaths and save lives. Despite consistent calls from gun violence prevention organizations and experts, this administration has failed to establish a national office of gun violence prevention to coordinate and proactively drive the government’s response to this public health crisis. It has allowed the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to operate under an interim director who cozies up to the firearms industry and has dragged its feet in nominating a new ATF leader who will crack down on industry abuses and drive efforts to reduce gun trafficking. And it has failed to use the full power of the presidency to ensure community funding is included in must-pass legislation and that local leaders are held accountable for using available federal funds to expand life-saving community programs.”

“President Biden could have announced a new comprehensive plan to reduce gun deaths. He chose not to.”