Walmart Removes Guns and Ammunition From Sales Floor During Election

October 31, 2020

All Sporting Goods Retailers Should End Guns and Ammunition Sales, Put Community Safety First

WASHINGTON -- Guns Down America, a bolder, broader movement calling for dramatically fewer guns in America released the following statement regarding reports that Walmart is choosing to stop all guns and ammunition sales in the days surrounding the election.

“Walmart’s action to remove ammunition from the sales floor is a step forward,” said Guns Down America Executive Director Igor Volsky. “We urge Walmart to prioritize the well being of their customers and employees all year round by ending all gun and ammunition sales. All sporting goods retailers across the nation should do the same and put community safety ahead of profits."

Guns Down America is sending a letter to major sporting good retailers to end the sales of guns and ammunition.

Walmart’s decision comes amid months of troubling rhetoric around the election and a surge in gun sales. Driven in part by racial animus, gun sales have surged in 2020 to record highs. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has called for an “army” of poll watchers, a call that has been taken up by far-right militias.

In 2019, Guns Down America led the #WalmartMustAct coalition that led the nation’s largest retailer to “dramatically step back from gun sales.”