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November 6 is one of the most important midterm elections in recent memory and hundreds of thousands of Americans have registered to vote for the very first time.

It’s critical that we make sure all voters can access the polling places without the threat of intimidation. Voter intimidation is any concerted effort to coerce the voting behavior of a group of voters and it’s a federal crime. Intimidating someone with a firearm at a polling place is a federal crime.

The problem is, states around the country have different rules and regulations when it comes to bringing firearms to the polling place. Some expressly prohibit guns, many more are silent on the question.

That’s why a group of non-partisan organizations are launching Guns Down at the Polls -- to ensure everyone can safety exercise their right to vote. We are running Facebook and Instagram ads in key areas of the country to educate voters about their rights and empower them to take action. If you see someone at your local polling place attempting to suppress voter turnout with a firearm, find somewhere safe and text GUNSDOWN to 91990. Your information will be passed on to the Lawyer’s Committee on Civil Rights, who will be able to take further action.

Read more about the 2016 Guns Down at The Polls effort here.

Remember: stay safe and refuse to be intimidated.